Where Literature Meets Style

Step into the captivating world of mollasani, a fashion haven born from the creative vision of a 24-year-old Italian literature enthusiast, based in the heart of DC. Established just over a year ago, mollasani is more than a boutique; it's a reflection of passion, style, and a love for fashion that knows no bounds.

The name comes from my family name, back home (Turkey) people from my hometown used to call my family the mollasanis even though that is not our surname, and I liked the way it sounded so I picked that as my brand name. I wanted to honor my father by doing this, whom I respect very much. He came to a city from his tiny village with 20 Turkish liras in his pockets, made his own brand and ran it for more than 20 years, and has given me a great childhood. 

As the owner and curator, I've woven my personal journey and fashion preferences into every seam, creating a collection that resonates with those who appreciate unique aesthetics. With an academic backdrop in Italian literature, I've found an intriguing connection between the language of fashion and the written word.

Drawing inspiration from various corners of the fashion universe, mollasani offers a curated selection of pieces that blend seamlessly into everyday wardrobes. What sets us apart is not just the products we offer, but the story behind them. Each piece carries a hint of my personal style, a whisper of my fashion journey, and a nod to my creative pursuits.

With a commitment to authenticity, I design my own products, infusing them with a touch of innovation while celebrating timeless styles. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team assists in the production, ensuring that every piece that finds its way to you is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

Moreover, mollasani is part of a bigger tapestry. Linked to four other shops, it represents a universe of style, where each shop showcases a unique facet of my fashion exploration. It's a collection of stories, inspirations, and aspirations that have shaped my journey thus far.

In this space, fashion becomes a canvas, where threads of creativity merge with the fabrics of expression. From Italian literature to the artistry of fashion, mollasani embodies the fusion of passions, inviting you to embark on this enchanting sartorial journey with us. Your support becomes a chapter in our story, and we invite you to explore, discover, and find a piece that resonates with your own unique narrative.

(We ship items from DC, MD or Europe based on our stocks. If the item you ordered is available in either of those places, we will ship them to you from closest warehouse to your provided address. Please contact info@mollasani.com to get more information regarding stocks of the item(s) you are interested in. If you need an item faster and you live in the USA we may have it available and shipping takes 3-5 days with USPS.)